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We set the meetings. You focus on closing.

We’ll keep your pipeline full so you can work your magic — closing the sale.

the right target

an organized CRM


compelling messaging

Talk to

Cold-calling is more than picking up the phone.

Effective sales calls start with building out a pre-qualified target list in an organized CRM. Sounds easy, right? 


The truth is, the caller also needs a specific set of communication skills to address common objections made by decision-makers. 


Many sales professionals lack the skills of both cold-calling and closing or just don’t have time to do both while managing new accounts.


This issue leads to a stagnant sales pipeline and lost revenue.

At Sharpline Sales, we schedule B2B sales meetings for companies in any industry so you can acquire high-paying accounts without the challenges of cold-calling. Our proven processes and highly-skilled callers will fill your calendar with qualified meetings that you convert into happy clients.


Our sales team members are trained to cold call.


They not only know how to navigate and triangulate inside your ideal organization, but they are experienced in having compelling conversations with the C-Suite. Sharpline’s calling team members are trained to talk to busy decision-makers and that frees up your time to focus on where you shine — closing the sale.

What most people think sales is:


What the Sharpline Sales process looks like:


Turn Cold-Calls into Warm Meetings

We believe cold-calling and appointment setting are an amazing blend of professionalism, best practices, and art. The combination is business building magic!

How we help your sales team succeed:
  • Identify the right decision-makers in the right organization.

  • Create compelling messaging to overcome expected objections and develop powerful, persuasive responses.

  • Utilize your current Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software or assist you in implementing a CRM that fits your organization.

  • Gain market intelligence about how your products and services are viewed in your industry.

  • Turn cold-calls into warm meetings.


Sharpline Sales is your virtual, US based B2B sales team.

We fill your pipeline so you can focus on building relationships and closing pre-qualified leads.


3 to 24 Month Engagements

Starts at $4,800 per month

Set-up and Training

Starts at $5,000

We are crazy-committed to your success.

We know that signing a long-term agreement with a new vendor feels risky. Our annual contract allows you to exit the contract with a two weeks’ notice (no questions asked).

Your Next Steps to Sales Success



Schedule a meeting. We will get to know your goals and challenges so we can strategize an action plan to build your company’s pipeline.


Set-Up and Training

We train our callers on your business, load your CRM with a researched target list, and write cold-calling scripts personalized to your company.


The Sales Launch

The fun begins! Your pipeline fills up with qualified meetings so your team can work their magic and close more sales.


Keep your sales pipeline full and your company thriving.

"Don't wait until your business has fallen off the cliff, prepare now. Be in the best position now."

-Dan Kennedy

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