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Keeping your pipeline full so you can close the sale.

We believe cold-calling and appointment setting are an amazing blend of professionalism, best practices, and art.

Meet Sharpline Sales Founder, Pandora Hodges. She brings that magic blend together to keep your sales pipeline full. 


Her drive for solving problems started early in her career as a software engineer. She transitioned into sales and has been filling sales pipelines for the past 25 years. Her unique approach to the cold-calling process and knack for building teams, has kept sales pipelines full for her clients.


Pandora Hodges


When partnering with Sharpline Sales,

you’ll meet with Pandora directly.

Kickoff Call, Set-up, and Training

Pandora excels at identifying the root cause of sales challenges through conversations with you. She’ll customize proven strategies to create compelling messaging specifically for your target market then train her calling team on those methods to set qualified discovery meetings for your sales team.

Regular Check-ups

You’ll meet with Pandora every two weeks to track progress. She’ll provide insights on the calling-to-date and suggest modifications to continually improve your campaign.

Whether you are a startup or a long established business that wants to fill the top of your sales funnel with qualified conversations we are waiting to talk to you.

The Sharpline team can build your business so you can focus on what you do best - closing the sales.

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